Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Merancas Foundation do?

The Merancas Foundation invests in local nonprofits that support those in crisis, provide pathways for adults to achieve self-sufficiency, and help children reach their greatest potential.

Who is eligible for funding?

Eligible applicants are 501(c)(3) organizations whose programs and initiatives help to further our Foundation’s mission and whose services benefit individuals and organizations identified within our Foundation’s priority funding areas.

Who is not eligible for funding?

Our Foundation does not grant to individuals; political, religious, fraternal, civic organizations; or other foundations.

Where are the funding areas?

The Foundation has specific geographic focuses which only include the metropolitan areas of Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Trenton, New Jersey.

How do we begin the process of submitting a grant application?

All applications are submitted through our grant application portal. Visit the “Apply” tab above for more information.

Does your Foundation award multi-year grants?

Although the Foundation’s preference is to award single year grants, there are occasions when multiyear installment grants are made. These are typically given to support capital needs or specific financing support. Please contact the Foundation for more details.

Do you visit the sites of potential grantees?

If our mission and geographic interests align, we are happy to schedule a visit to your location, meet with your staff, and see your work. Contact us at [email protected].

What kind of publicity does the Foundation seek for its grants?

It is not the intent of The Merancas Foundation to seek public recognition for its philanthropic activities. As a general policy, we ask those who receive grants to respect our wishes by focusing any acknowledgment on the program for which support has been received rather than the source of the grant. We realize, however, that there are occasions when select publicity could prove to be as valuable as the grant itself. Traditionally, an announcement in an organization’s newsletter or internal publication that is distributed to its community, alumni, or supporters is acceptable.

What are the guidelines for use of the Merancas logo?

The term Merancas in letter form is a registered trademark of The Merancas Foundation, Inc. Other than as outlined below, the Merancas name may not be used without the Foundation’s express written consent. It may also require a separate licensing agreement.

If our name and/or logo furthers a grantee’s charitable mission, it may be used for compliance with any tax or regulatory authority and for general announcements in print, online, or traditional media.

When used, the name/logo must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Any URL links to the Foundation website must be written as “The Merancas Foundation” and links should be made to
  2. The Merancas Foundation logo may only be used in the formats *provided below. Changes may not be made to aspect ratio or color. Please refer to our brand guide for more information on the use of our logo.
  3. For additional formats or questions about use, please contact us at [email protected]