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Important information for grant seekers

  1. The Foundation's geographic focus is the Charlotte, NC region. However, we also serve some organizations in the Metro Atlanta, GA and the Greater Princeton, NJ areas.
  2. Grant request deadlines are February 15 and August 15 of each year.
  3. Grants are only made to qualified tax-exempt non-profits under section 501c3 of the IRS code.
  4. No grants will be awarded to support religion, politics, or the arts.
  5. All new applicants may submit an informational overview via the "start here" link above. If approved, new applicants will receive an access code for use in submitting a grant request.
  6. All repeat applicants may submit grant requests directly via the "start here" link above.

About The Merancas Foundation


Anke and Casey Mermans founded The Merancas Foundation in 1989. Originally from the Netherlands, the couple moved to Charlotte, NC in the late 1960's as part of a business venture to start the photography company PCA International. Desiring to give back to the community where they established their roots, The Merancas Foundation was founded to provide support to non-profits that help those less fortunate. Since its inception the Foundation has provided over 150 non-profits with funding and support.


The Merancas Foundation seeks to support non-profit organizations that provide the vital safety nets to our at risk community (food, shelter, safety, health); improve academic achievement for children; and enable economic independence for adults.

No grants will be awarded to support religion, politics, or the arts. The Foundation does realize that notable charitable work is done by many religious organizations and therefore will support their specific programs that fall within our scope of initiatives, provided they do not serve as a vehicle to promote their religious beliefs.

grant requirements

Grant requirements include a proposal or letter of request indicating how your goals align with ours; an indication of a need; amount of money requested; and how the funds will be used. Please attach a current financial statement; proof of 501c3 status; and any other documentation that might be helpful in our assessment.

Key assessment considerations will include: alignment to the Foundation's goals and objectives; efficient use of our donated funds; and demonstrated direct impact on the targeted community.

Please keep in mind that The Merancas Foundation has no staff. A clear and concise submission is greatly appreciated. All applications must be submitted online by following the "start here" link above.

further resources

Please reach out to your board sponsor if you have application questions or need help navigating our process.

Refer to web sites such as or for further research and publicly available information on The Merancas Foundation, Inc.



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